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Establishing Employment:




·        Establishing specialized committees to be able to cover all country work and occupational sectors as well as industry, commerce, agriculture, services, technology information, cultural, educational, and public relations committees


·        Employing expert, experienced, and interested individuals in any one of those committees


·        Establishing thinking rooms in those committees for cultivating and growing expert and experienced individuals; and submitting modern working procedures aligned with promoting their job upgrading


·        Making efforts in creating home business


·        Submitting plans and executive procedures to the interested beneficial people in the framework of committees


·        Proper and regionalized patterns taking from other countries (such as India, China and so on) having positive economic growth


·        Submitting consultation consulting and strategies to individuals from ideation to practice


·        Assisting in attraction of university graduates in appropriate scientific, cultural and industrial sections


·        Establishing software appropriate systems for regulating processes, creation of communications and shaping integrated, consolidate systematic, specific and expedient informational banks