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·        Consulting about business and employment initiating


·        Consulting aboutin the field of job seeking track


·        Technical and engineering consultation


·        Economical and financial consultation


·        Seeking advice in the realm of production, services and information technology (IT)


·        Consulting about psychological works and organization


·        Consultation about the realm of thinking and intellectual property owner ship


·        Seeking advice in short and long terms courses of educating professional and technical skills, promotion of the competency rate of studies, post graduate completion studies and dispatching students to abroad




 The expertise branches in management consultation:



·        Organizing work environment


·        Time management


·        Attentive listening


·        Educational management


·        Decision taking approaches


·        Work creativity


·        Work flexibility


·        Approaches in making staffs’ occupational capabilities


·        Organizational behavior


·        Motivation


·        Efficiency


·        Productivity


·        Effectiveness


·        The manner of planning businesses


·        Transforming an ideation to an applied design


·        Independent business management


·        Human resources management


·        Organizational management


·        Relations management with customers


·        Investment and capital attraction


·        Consultation for studies


·        Child and youth consultation


·        Marriage consultation


·        Job consultation


·        Inter individuals relationship consultation


·        Intelligence quotient test (IQ tests)


·        Conducting psychological tests