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·        Growth and development of knowledge-oriented businesses and consequently increasing  graduates’ scientific and economic capability power of university and scientific centers,

·        Increasing national gross production through creating and seeking new products and markets,

·        Entrepreneurship or establishing  employments especially for graduate youth workforces,

·        Improving the standing of the knowledge-oriented  activities and attracting in country and abroad graduated elites,

·        Creating added value and incomes for universities and scientific centers professors through producing and publishing scientific goods,

·        Commercializing university researches outcomes/results,

·        Establishing a communicative loop between industry and university, and as to the results making  facilities, and reducing the consumed time in using researches and investigations for companies, industries and especially new-born industries,

·        Upgrading the rates of risk-taking and competition capability of in country technology companies and assisting them to achieve to international levels.