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A Brief History of IDM Company:




IDM knowledge–oriented Company is one of pioneering companies in the scientific domain of entrepreneurship for establishing businesses. The principal founders of this company have initiated to carry out their activities since 1387 (2008) with the objectives of promoting expertise skills, applied sciences, and submission of modern services in the framework of groups and specialized committees. In relation with consulting, education/training, and employment and much reliance on scientific studies and experimental researches, it has focused a substantial part of its activities on education and research in humanitarian sciences. Furthermore, it has taken actions to conduct and publish researches and educational projects with collaboration and participation in either country or abroad academic and scientific centers.


This company has established since 1388 (2009) as one of the based-knowledge companies with pivotal ideation of consulting, educations, employments in the center of innovations development and entrepreneurship of Tehran University Science and Technology Park. Moreover, it has begun its activities with the aim of benefitting from distinguished professors of Tehran University and other creditable in country and abroad universities knowledge and experiences for submitting expertise consulting, holding advanced management courses of master of business administration (MBA) with more than 30 expertise subfields tendencies, and ultimately creating modern businesses. During these periods, this company’s managers have always had double efforts aligned with oriented major and objective politics of the respectful groups of Tehran University Technology and Science Incumbents. It aimed with the objective of promoting the scientific levels and skills of students, trainees, employees, and all over country civilians to create employments and development of modern and regionalized management sciences.




Part of IDM achievements in the past decades: 


·        The company has been elected as one of country better entrepreneur companies; and it is the winner of the image from country great entrepreneurs national conference,  


·        Submitting expertise consultations in the field of incubating businesses and development of modern businesses with more than 3000 man-hours consultations,


·        Compilation of master of business administration (MBA) for the first time in country with more than 30 expertise tendencies,


·        Holding  applied-expertise training courses for four branches of tendencies: medical equipments, medicine industries, building and construction development industry, applied laws ( over 18000 man-hours trainings),


·        Holding expertise seminars with the purpose on serving propagating and developing entrepreneurship and creating employment in overall level of country,


·        Holding national seminars of job seeking and establishing employment for the first time in country in 1388 (2009),


·        Attendance at several  country creditable exhibitions that has been chosen as the better displaying stand in consideration with authentic responding and careful answering and submitting information,


·        Receiving various letters of commendations and appreciations from Tehran University various centers,


·        Having interactional cooperation with international universities for seeking the possibility of pursuing post graduate studies for the reasons of upgrading the graduate students’ skills,


·        Creating research and operation projects and thesis courses of students with the assistance of respectful high-ranking distinguished professors coordination and participation,


·        Providing opportunities and creating  jobs through entrepreneurships for more than 1000 skilful and expertise people,


·        Close participation and coordination with respectful deputies and managers for interacting and giving consultation with collaboration of governmental and private organizations,


·        Publishing modern planning and submitting executive and operational strategies in the domain of different managements such as: certified planning with allocating international tracking code,


·        Holding meetings with companies and submitting effective and efficient strategies to the colleagues of university and scientific centers,


·        Submitting advertisement planning and designing and developing modern procedures for sales and marketing.