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IDM knowledge–oriented Company is one of pioneering companies in the scientific domain of entrepreneurship for establishing businesses. The principal founders of this company have initiated to carry out their activities since 1387 (2008) with the objectives of promoting expertise skills, applied sciences, and submission of modern services in the framework of groups and specialized committees.

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The company’s epigraph is to create and innovate in propagating applied sciences  and to expand its horizon in the foreseeable future  in the solar calendar year of 1399 (2020), so that this company has set off to be one of the most creditable and efficient centers of knowledge-based orientation in the domain of informal training, consultations and researches. Moreover, aligned with God’s favors,  IDM company sees itself...

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       •   Growth and development of knowledge-oriented businesses and consequently increasing  graduates’ scientific and economic capability power of university and scientific centers.


       •    Increasing  national  gross  production  through  creating  and  seeking  new  products  and  markets...

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 • Commercializing of innovative technological researches; and increasing the power of competition through producing and affording packages of applied educational/training courses

 • Transferring and creating technology

 • Reducing the gap between university and industry

 • Culture promoting for country innovations 

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